Dr David Cliff

Managing Director of Gedanken

Dr David Cliff was named Lead Ambassador for Mentoring and Lead Ambassador for Business Crime by the Institute of Directors North East, and was awarded Mentor of the Year at the 2017 Entrepreneur's Forum Awards. Dr Cliff is an expert coach and mentor with over 35 years of management and personal development experience. He founded Gedanken, a leading edge executive and business-coaching organisation, providing businesses and individuals with strategies for personal and professional developme

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    Cyber society a reflection

    As a species, we are not very good at looking ahead. We have scientists, planners and philosophers that can shed light on our future, but in reality, we tend to respond to life on a needs must basis, kicking the can of the foreseeable down the road

    Challenging your inner impostor

    We have all heard of the term imposter syndrome. In psychology, it is described as a pattern in which the individuals doubt their accomplishments and experience an internalised, often totally unfounded fear of being found out, or perhaps disclosed as a fraud

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